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YouTube adds old Movies and TV

Google has now added Movies and TV Shows to YouTube. Oh but wait its mostly just a easy way to find the TV shows that have already been around on YouTube and old movies you probably have no desire to watch. Oh but it gets better. Remember those shows that were licensed for YouTube but had no commercials well now your get a wonderful commercial before and after the video. So what is Google exactly trying to do here? Is it trying to compete with Hulu? With this small amount of content that is mostly sub-par compared to the prime-time content. Google does not stand a chance at beating out Hulu. Not only that but this is pissing off more and more people since most people that use YouTube want it to remain just a site for people to upload their own content. It’s in the name YouTube its about You not about the content providers! If only Google could realize this. In reality Google should have kept Google Video alive if for nothing more then as a way to add this content without messing with the YouTube name.



Has Google finally learned a way to make money off YouTube?

So Google is testing out a new idea for allowing the download of YouTube videos and some are for a price. Boom look Google might be able to make some money! Also this is a major feature people have wanted from YouTube since its more convenient to have a video on your computer then online sometimes (think when you have not Internet). At the same time this uses Google checkout… does anyone actually use that? Is this maybe an attempt also to try and get more Google checkout users? I don’t know myself I just think this is all kinda interesting! Google to let people download videos of YouTube its about time!