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Google releases a way to do 3d on the web

Google today announced O3D which is a api for creating 3D apps on the web. This would be a javascript extension to allow for 3D graphics on web pages. Google is hoping this will help spark more ideas about where the web could go in the 3D direction. Of course this is interesting in other ways as well. For example more javascript is only going to bring in more security holes in the already tattered fabric that makes up javascript. Also who knows whether or not others will really pic up on this. As we have seen Mozilla build canvas3d for awhile now and there really hasn’t been that much mainstream interest. Maybe O3D will finally get the 3Ding of the web the mainstream attention that it needs if it really wants to get on its feet.



IE8 doesn’t do Acid3 cause its not final standard

OSnews had an interesting article about Microsoft’s reason for not working on passing the Acid3 test. Their reasoning is actually very good. Why should they be supporting draft standards? Microsoft did this in the past and it backfired on them and burnt them badly with earlier version of IE. Of course people will still complain as these days it seems that for some reason you force through draft standards as fine just look at draft n routers which are so prevalent now. On web pages this can be even more problematic if a browser has it implemented already it would make the standards committee less willing change the standard. I think this is a good move for Microsoft and I think they should be more vocal about this kind of moves in the future.