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Atom Text Editor

So I am a bit slow on noticing this announcement but earlier this month the Atom Text Editor that the guys at GitHub have been working on was open sourced. Now this has been my favorite editor for the Mac since I got into the beta for it and so far is better than most text editors I have used. The one editor that would be compared to it is Sublime Text which I think Atom beats very easily for two reasons.

First, Atom has an actual screen for settings. This is one of my biggest issues with sublime the fact that is uses a text file as its settings. Sorry not user-friendly. Instead Atom has a well thought out settings GUI and includes an amazing package manager. It even has a way for the packages (plugins and themes) to tell you shortcuts they have. Now I have only use sublime lightly so maybe it has some of these things buried but I cannot stand Sublime Text long enough to use it whereas I have enjoyed Atom every time. (even the old version which caused my fan to run on my MacBook).

Second, they licensed it under the MIT license. Now this is even more an opinion then the first. Personally I love the openness of the MIT license so I am happy they went with that over GPL. It is even better then Sublime Text since they want you to pay. You would expect there to be many more features if your paying but really it’s just a plugin engine.

So if you’re using a Mac I recommend you checkout Atom at atom.io and if you’re using Windows or Linux well you can build it yourself or just wait I am sure the packages will be out soon.


Another look at Windows being on ARM

OSNews brought up once again the idea of Microsoft making a version of Windows for the ARM architecture. In the past I have pointed out that if Microsoft doesn’t that they will eventually fall behind in the netbook market. This is caused by the fact that ARM netbooks are looking like they will not only be smaller then the atom netbooks but also may even allow for even more battery life while at the same time providing better video playback by having a graphics chip with some power to it (the 945 from intel is ancient now by todays standards). Of course OSNews points out one thing that so far many overlook. Unlike Linux which has been on ARM for awhile and so it has apps ported to ARM when you look at Windows they have NO ARM apps besides the stuff made for Windwos Mobile. Of course in theory using .net they could get a few apps but how many major apps that you use in your everyday life are .net based? I can bet its a small number. Of course I don’t think Microsoft really expects the users that buy netbooks to buy Office. I think that Microsoft is making the web based Office 14 exactly for netbooks as a way to prevent the huge amount of space office would take up and also the fact that most people still use a disc to install Office (no small feat when you have no DVD drive). In the end I think I agree with OSNews. Microsoft will probably not make an ARM version of Windows it’s just not in it or its partners interests to maintain two platforms. The real question here is will this kill ARM netbooks?


Samsungs new Notebook with a Via nano

So Samsung is releasing a new notebook based off of Via’s new chipset. New a few years ago this would have been a big deal as Via was in the low power and cheap market but now with the atom processor what is the purpose for Via? Is Via dead? I think when it comes to Notebooks Via is too late. Sorry Via but your processor is slower then the atom and is in a larger case. I am doubtful that it will run any faster then the current line of netbooks. The one edge that there possibly is would be fact that it could possibly have a better graphics chipset then the atom chipset do to the fact that the Atom platform is based on a very dated chipset.


Will ARM kill Windows on the Netbook?

So today I saw some videos showing the new ARM netbooks (if you want to see them before reading the rest check the links below). The biggest thing I think is the fact that they are smaller AND cheaper then current netbooks as well as the fact that they run on Ubuntu Linux. Now what does that mean? Can Microsoft based netbooks that sell in the 350-450 range really compete with a AVM Netbook at the 200-300 range? I doubt it. Oh and the kicker? They can run HD content! Wait what HD that thing that Intel hasn’t got cause they use a dated graphics chipset. Yep that same thing! ARM unlike Intel is throwing more into the fight too with the fact that unlike Atom Netbook the new ARM Netbooks also need NO fans unlike the atom ones which generally have one fan in them. So what all does this mean? I think the weakening of Intel in the Netbook sector as well as a reason why Microsoft is guna lose out in the market! Oh and also this means Netbooks really are becoming giant cellphones.