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Intel adds star rating and changes up its logos

Intel in an interesting move has begun using a star rating on its CPUs, but the changes don’t stop here! No they also have changed the logos. When it comes to the star rating I think it’s a very good move as it finally explains to people who do not follow the hardware market what the power is of these chips. Personally I would probably avoid buying anything below 4-5 stars, but then again I like to upgrade and get a lot out of the upgrade. I am not saying the Pentium dual-core line is crap it’s just nice to see Intel finally point out that a dual-core is NOT on par with a Core chip as I seem to every so often see a ad talking about lightning fast laptops with Pentium Dual-cores and wonder if it could be called false advertising. Of course this is not all Intel has changed what logos for the chips look like. They are the same size as before by now they are horizontal and have a much more stylish design to them. I guess Intel realized its old white logos were not helping in the consumer line. Of course I always enjoyed the nice and simple logo. These are some good changes by Intel that will most likely help consumers better understand what they are getting in a computer… of course those selling the computers still have to explain bits and I can only imagine how common it will be to see a person trying to explain “It’s ok to buy a 1-star cpu.”