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AVM – Beta 3 Released

Today I am happy to announce the release of AVM – Beta 3! The improvements in this version are not as major as the last release with the only major overhaul being that the backup functions have been fixed to work better. Also there is a few small fixes including some problems importing folders and some oddities when playing a video you searched for. Most of the fixes for this release is documentation fixes.



aControl 0.9 for Amarok

I know lots of people that use GNU/Linux love Amarok I mean its a very nice app for controlling your music and good for browsing it as well. The thing is sometimes you really don’t want to bother opening the Amarok window or you want to show people what you listening to (think /media in Konverstion) in IRC programs like XChat and so I created this script. Currently there are not too many functions yet but I plan to ad some more fun functions to it to make it so that you have lots of control over Amarok from terminal.  Also I have to say thanks to Lady_Cuddles for helping by giving me a base script from which i worked off of.

Link: KDE-Apps