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Podcasts! No Agenda

No Agenda is a podcast like no other. It is a show with well no agenda and they try to dissect what is going on in the news. This leads to a show with lots of real in-depth news though also quite often some quite hilariously over board theories about why events go down. They do all this while mocking the morning DJ style shows with silly bumpers and liberal use of a sound board. One of the key factors though to this show is that it has no advertising and only will take money from producers (what the show calls their listeners). The claim is that with no advertising they are  not forced into have any agenda unlike the mainstream media. I find this podcasts to easily be one of my favorites as at times you cannot tell if it is a comedy podcast or a news one. Also the combination of John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry is not matched in any media. If you feel even remotely interested based on this post give it a try just listen to a few episodes and I bet you will be hooked.

Link: No Agenda


Why broadband will continue to fail in the US

With Google announcing it was going into the ISP business or at least into the ISP infrastructure business it looks like maybe we might see more broad band with the promised gigabit connections it might provide. But will this really solve Americas broadband crisis? Guess what IT WONT! Though Google would probably be the first one to go into the areas that are least served (leave and minor city and you can find under served areas) and claim the funds for it why would it? Would that really help them with their goals? These areas have been abandoned by the major ISPs look at Verizon selling off its rural phone lines. Why would they do this? Oh wait FiOS is more expensive to lay in the country and there just is not the money to be made there. So what happens? Well at lot of Americans still live outside the cities! So we get horrible broadband rate. Well lets look back at Google. Sure they could pull into these smaller towns an under covered rural areas but what would they gain? There would be no pressure (hell most of the major telecoms feel stuck in these areas) and at worst they will look like the bad guys as many of these areas are served by local companies that cannot afford to make needed upgrades. Now maybe if Google is just wanting to make the infrastructure this could work but still where is the pressure? It would be most good Google could do and sure would get great PR I mean I can read the headlines now “Google solves broadband issues the government could not!” ok it wouldn’t be that long but you get the drift.

Basically in the end I have this feeling that people outside of the major metropolitan areas are screwed. A year ago wireless was going to save rural broadband but Verizon has 3G in most everywhere but if you leave a city the towers are so sparse the connection is worse than dial-up. No one wants to invest in rural America which used to be seen as the heart of America. Now it has just been forsaken its paying for all the cities junk and never getting any investment.

EU wants ICANN completely private

The EU is calling for ICANN to become a completely private entity. This is brought up since at the end of September the current operating agreement that ICANN works under in the U.S. will run out. Now I can understand part of why the EU wants some control but their proposal is confusing. What they want is a “G12” a sort of Internet council. Of course these come from continents. What is confusing here is how would you decide say the European delegates? Would EU select them? Last I checked not all European countries are in the EU. So how would this be any better? Instead of the U.S. controlling ICANN (which I should point out has not caused any major problems) the EU wants it to be this farce democracy. This would create a system worse then before as nobody would really know who would have a say in what is going on. Personally I say just keep it the way it is. ICANN seems to be doing fine as it is. If the U.S. government was pulling strings I would say it was ok but its not broken why are we fixing it?


Congress to legislate online privacy?

House members are working on a bill that could provide protection from online privacy infringement. This is mostly based around Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) which allows someone who carries a packet to view the data within. Currently some ISPs have looked into DPI as a way to provide targeted advertising for customers but in the past have seen lots of pressure from privacy advocacy groups. There is still no real news as to what this bill would actually do if it was created but ISPs do not seem eager to see it come into existence. The biggest problem here is that ISPs seem to think they are somehow above the law when it comes to privacy of what travels over their network. I hope that they create a privacy law but I really am hoping that it will protect us enough. As we have seen with wiretapping and stuff like that the government doesn’t seem to be to willing to protect our privacy.


Obama’s new Commerce Secritary more tech friendly?

So news is out today that Obama has now selected governor of Washington Gary Locke as his Secretary of Commerce. Overall most people seem to like this appointment. The tech community especially seem happy with this appointment as he moved some good technology based initiatives in Washington while its governor. The thing that catches my eye though is Microsoft supports this choice. Which I don’t see as a bad thing but I wonder how Open Source advocates will take this? Many have hoped that Obama would somehow lead to a “golden era” of Free/Open Source Software. Does this governor from Washington support Open Source or will he support Microsoft? I don’t think we know yet and I cannot wait to see I think we are in interesting times here. The BSA is also showing their support for him so overall it does seem like the business sector of technology is behind him.


Goverment once again wants to track you for the sake of the children!

“Think of the children” has become the rallying call for both parties as some of their congressmen try and destroy our freedoms on the Internet! Now they think ISPs should have to store 2 YEARS worth of users of the dynamic IP addresses. What will this help with? They claim distributors but if they are searching someone they can already request the information and ISPs are required to hold the data longer! Why do they need 2 years? Not for children its probably for the record companies. The overarching problem here is our congressmen have no clue how the Internet works and they jump at everything they are told. It sounds like it makes sense so they believe it they don’t realize there are about 30 loopholes around this and that all the people they claim to go after most likely already know this. This isn’t for the children this if for Hollywood and the FBI to have more power!


ars technica

Feinstein wants to allow network throttling!

So Democrats that are catering to the cable providers that want to allow network throttling are now trying the sleazy way of getting it legalized. Now this is the reason we cannot trust the Democrats having control of the house. They do things that the lobbyist say that sound good at first like “think of the children” but do not think at all of the consequences. The reason it should not be legal to throttle is because it in no way prevents child porn. This is worthless like New York forcing usenet offline on ISPs there. It’s stated as it’s all to prevent child porn but really its the MPAA and cable companies wanting to crack down. Now I personally don’t do anything illegal but I also don’t want to see a web where there are those who can serve up their sites faster then others just cause they have more money which this could easily lead to! Overall read this article at The Register!

The reason I don’t trust Democrat charts very often!

Normally I avoid normal politics but I had to link to this hot air article. I mean did you know the end times are coming oh wait it was worse if we actually go back forther sorry but you fail Nancy Pelosi maybe you should learn to be less bias in your chart creation if you want to say your bipartision. Oh and if people look closely you will notice both of the years going deeper have a more sudden end to the drop which I’m beting will happen this time too. All the companies just shed their fat and are now lean and mean and rearing to go again. I think job wise we are nearing the end of the huge increases in unemployment cause seriously people they just needed to shed some jobs companys like GM have way to many exectutives and financial companies have to many people as well. So I’ll just sit back and watch the news some more since there is nothing else I can really do.

When did TV become a right?

When exactly was it that it became a right to watch TV? I mean last I checked TV was something you payed for by having to be bored to death by commercials and/or paying for cable which would make a COMMERCIAL product not a god or government given right! Now you might wonder why I bring this up. I bring it up because the senate has voted to delay the DTV transition.

Why does this need to happen? Well according to democrats 6.5 million households are not prepared and that is 5.7% of the viewing public which does not make sense. Why should we be delaying this transition because 5.7% have been to slow to prepare for the switch over. It is no as though they have noticed in the last few months with the huge number of commercials about the transition why would we expect that many more to be prepared in June? Supposedly there are still people waiting for coupons but hey they waited to long why should the government subsidize this in the first place people have known this would take place since 2005. I have a foolproof way that would have solved this problem. Let it happen. And on the day it happens people will have one of three reactions.

  1. Nothing they converted fine cause they were ready.
  2. They wake up with no signal and so they go out and buy a converter.
  3. They wake up no signal and don’t care enough to go buy a converter and procrastinate some more.

Yeah sure this will have some complaints for a day or two but guess what TV isn’t a right so all it would be is complaints! People can live without TV it wont kill anyone… it might make some angry but it’s not anyone’s fault but their own and so I think the delay is the dumbest thing ever! And I haven’t even gotten into the millions of dollars companies are going to lose from this! Companies have already bought parts of the spectrum and were planning to startup services based off of it! How much money will these companies lose? I don’t know but I cannot wait for the lawsuits to fly.

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