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Songbird 0.6.1

So I looked at Songbird awhile back (ok a long time ago really) and so I felt like I should look at it again.

I was plesently suprised with the new release as I had tryed Songbird a few times in the last few months but never had it really been what I would call really usable. 0.6.1 though seems very good and I am very happy with it so far. The key thing that surprised me most was the fact that it found my Zune and my Zune syncs WIRELESSLY. This was of course originally setup in the Zune software but I think its amasing that there is actually support for the Zune in Songbird that is really some awesome support there.

It seems that every time I try it out though the Media Flow or whatever its called never is working for me but hey its still Alpha so I am not guna complain to much since the library works wonderfully (if you like an iTunes style library which I really don’t like to much but I can deal with it).

Overall I think Songbird still looks like it could take a sizable chunck of the Music Player market from other players (namely iTunes) and finally bring an Amarok quality Media player to windows (addons and cool features included), now if only there was a MoodBar?


Songbird aka Mozilla’s attempt to steal market share from Apple and Microsoft

So Firefox is slowly but surely replacing Internet Exporer on windows computers and iTunes is replacing Windows Media Player. And by the end of the year will Apple have to worry about new competition? iTunes is much better at playing music then WMP (at least its easier to setup playlists and use in my opinion) but will Songbird come in like iTunes did or like Firefox did?

I am guna guess like iTunes. Though its not like iTunes in shipping with some peoples favorite MP3 Player instead its a totally free (even GPL) and cross-platform media player! Not only this though but it promises to bring web2.0 to your media player in the form of easy to use features around mp3 blogs. I think Songbird is guna have a strong start once the name gets out its good quality and runs of the native codecs (gstreamer on linux) and from what I have seen its just as customizable as other media players (more so in many cases) as it allows add-ons (Extentions) and Feathers (themes) to be changed just like firefox. I think its guna be interesting what happens though when it gets to beta (right now Alpha) and more of the Linux people start looking at it more. Currently Amarok is one of the biggest Media players for Linux and mostly because of its neat little feature though I don’t think they compare to Songbird sadly. In windows I know it will be replacing iTunes on my computer (never liked WinAmp really).