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AVM 1.1 – The Return!

Today I am happy to announce the release of AVM – 1.1! This is the second stable release of AVM. This should be a “bug-free” release, but please report any undocumented features to the issue tracker.

For those who may have used AVM 1.0 at this point it has been updated to run correctly in all versions of Windows which have .net 4.0 installed. The installer has changed so please backup your data, uninstall the old AVM and install the new. Then run a restore for best results.
NOTE: Currently Hulu parsing only grabs the Title and Url. There are plans to re-add parsing of details in the future.



AVM 1.0 Released!


Today I am happy to announce the release of AVM – 1.0! This is the first stable release of AVM. This should be a “bug-free” release, but please report any undocumented features to the issue tracker. This release not only has the application but includes a Users Manual and Developers Documentation.

For those who have been following through the betas the changes since Beta 3 are mostly just fixes to make it run better. There are also some more documentation fixes to make the documentation flow better.


AVM – Beta 3 Released

Today I am happy to announce the release of AVM – Beta 3! The improvements in this version are not as major as the last release with the only major overhaul being that the backup functions have been fixed to work better. Also there is a few small fixes including some problems importing folders and some oddities when playing a video you searched for. Most of the fixes for this release is documentation fixes.


AVM Series Part 2: Groups

If you’ve not tried out AVM and need a good and simple Video Manger try it it out now!

This post though is about groups. If you have tried out AVM but have yet to make sub-groups then you are not getting everything out of AVM that you could. Inorder to make a sub-group simply double-click on a group or click the right arrow next to the group list when a group is selected to venture inside the group. There you can add new “sub-groups” that can hold their own sub-groups or videos. If you want to go back the the parent group you just came from just click the left arrow its that simple. And if you ever feel lost above the video list is a breadcrumb trail showing you what sub-group your currently in for the video window and all of the groups that is is under.

AVM Series Part 1: What’s in a Name?

So what is in a name when it comes to a application? Well with many FLOSS projects there as at least some meaning in the name and AVM is no different. AVM was the name I came up with after going through numerous names none of which sounded good enough until i realized almost all of them could come together and thus AVM. The Names I am talking about are all the different names that make up the acronym AVM and so here is the list:
– A Video Manager (This is officially what AVM is called)
– Anime Video Manager (This was what the idea originally started being called)
– Alpha’s Video Manager
– AVM Video Manager (For programmers)
– Autonomous Video Manager (Skynet has nothing on this! btw it’s a joke)
– A simple Video Manager

So far these are the names that work and any other names people can come up with are welcome!

AVM – Beta 2 Released!

Ok so I haven’t been able to write up blogs yet about the cool features that AVM has yet but I will start it later today (at least I am hoping to). But for now tide yourselves over with the Beta 2 release. Now it has more features! Now Last Watched works so your last watched (episode video) in a group will be highlighted so no longer will you lose your place in a series! Also added a Delete Confirmation box in order to keep you from accidentally ruining your collections information (can be turned off in settings). Another new feature is that you can now make it so Double-Click plays a video this though needs to be enabled in the Settings panel. The last thing added is the ability to delete videos using the backspace key this is disabled by default but can be enabled at the Settings panel.


AVM Homepage

Where to download: Release Page

Where to report bugs: Issue Tracker

Where to get help: Discussions