On Lawn Mowers aka (Who is GreenWorks?)

You can skip to the last two paragraphs if you just want the answer.

For the past year and a half I have been mowing my lawn with a reel mower. No, I did not spell that wrong it is one of those old push mowers that is all manual power. There is something wonderful about mowing with a reel mower, though it might just be the good workout it gives you.

Well this summer the weather insists on making this lawn mowing decision to be the worst decision ever. A reel mower works great on a small lawn as long as it sticks to the 70’s and mid 80’s. Oh, wind helps out as well. This year though it seems to insist on being muggy and 80s every day. So I broke down and decided it’s time to buy a actual lawn mower. You know the one with a spinning blade powered by a motor.

Now one of the other reasons I never wanted to have a lawn more is I hate gas. I hate anything that is explosive really and that is volitile. I also hate the noise. If I can just listen to podcasts while mowing a lawn that makes the whole experience better. So here I have two requirements.

  1. It must be a electric mower. (These are quite and don’t need to deal with gas)
  2. Must be cordless and must use lithium ion batteries. (I don’t want a cord to run over and I don’t want a 50 lbs battery)

I also had a third requirement which I wanted which is impossible. That was I wanted an made in America lawn mower. When I was growing up I rememeber someone saying “At least you can always have an American made lawn mower” or something along those lines and it has always stuck with me. My reel mower had been american made by the American Lawn Mower Company. So I thought hey I can do this.

Nope there is no way to meet all of these requirements. Somehow all of the American lawn mower companies never got the memo that lead acid batteries are no longer a good idea. Also they weigh way to much. A 70lbs lawn mower is just not acceptable after using a reel mower for a year and a half (the shipping weight of the reel mower was 32lbs). So I ventured into the land of the “modern” brands. The  most common and seeming best deal was from this brand I have been seeing for a few years now. You probably have seen it too!

It’s called GreenWorks. Now when I found the mower I liked, which happened to be their 16 inch lithum ion cordless mower, I noticed something interesting. There website lacked any form of corporate information. Hmm, this seems odd. Normally a “green” company such as this is showing off all of their corporate people and how great they are. Now I decided I had to know who it was that was building this mower. I have no grudges around what companies I buy from normally. I didn’t care where it was made I just wanted to know the name of the company making it. Something we never get to see anymore. About the only “modern” brand we know the maker of is Apple who we know uses Hon Hai Precision Industry (Foxconn) to produce much of it’s goods. So I started my adventure on Wikipedia. This proved fruitless and so I had to try more. At this point I figured this company must be Chinese and decided to try the search “greenworks china” this didn’t get me directly to the destination I wanted but it got me close. What I eventually got to is a company called Changzhou Globe Tools Co., Ltd. (short for Globe). This is a manufacture who on their corporate site seems very proud of their GreenWorks and PowerWorks brands.

So now you know who is behind GreenWorks. I don’t share this to say to avoid them. I actually think the mower is great (its quieter then my vacuum cleaner) and would recommend it for people who want a cordless lawn mower that is light weight. (It even has a handle to lift it!) I merely think everyone deserves to know who is behind GreenWorks.


5 thoughts on “On Lawn Mowers aka (Who is GreenWorks?)

    1. Alpha_Cluster Post author

      Nope, I have been using a reel mower for the last year and a half so it is much more powerful then that. I have had no problems with it chopping up twigs and sticks so I don’t believe it is underpowered at all.

  1. mark

    Thanks for the info on greenworks, I was searching on the company info as I am preparing a list for lawn mower brands. I will be linking this post as an information source in my article for lawn mower brands.

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  3. bobnolin

    You were more persistent (and clever) than I. I could not figure out who Greenworks was. They do hide their identity well. Makes sense that a Chinese company selling to Americans would want to hide that information. While we see to have no trouble buying premium products “designed in Cupertino, CA” but manufactured in China, buying from a Chinese company is different, somehow. Thanks for figuring out who Greenworks is. I just ordered a mower on Amazon from them, to replace the Black & Decker cordless I’ve been using for 8 years. Can’t imagine pushing a gas mower ever again.


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