Microsoft still spreading rumors about a Yahoo! deal

Microsoft seems to really want to make a deal with Yahoo! at least that is my best guess since Steve Ballmer cannot seem to stop bringing up the idea of a Yahoo!-Microsoft partnership of some kind. Of course the real question is what would either of them really gain? On a search deal alone Microsoft has a lot to gain but what would Yahoo! get out of the deal? Nothing to much besides hopefully some extra money from Microsoft but at the expense of their already dwindling Market Share and most likely it would turn into an attempt by Microsoft to eventually actually acquire the company. I don’t Yahoo! has to do this but at the same time if Yahoo! can make a search deal but keep it more beneficial for them and not turn into Microsoft’s puppet it might help them. But really Yahoo! I think can do fine alone. Microsoft has never been able to gain in the search market and Yahoo! though shrinking I think can eventually come back and beat Google I mean their searches are already looking better then Google’s sometimes (Google’s search results are getting worse it seems).



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