Will Google fall like Microsoft?

Will Google eventually get to the same spot as Microsoft? John C. Dvorak thinks it could. I think he makes some very good points in this article about how Google is looking to do. Basically he points out that Google’s stock could go as high as $20,000 though I think that might be a bit high. The main interest I found in this article was the discussion as to how he compares the fact that Microsoft only used one business model which Google has so far done the same. I find this an interesting idea since if Google does end up like Microsoft being a one trick pony Google’s eventual fall is almost for sure going to happen. Of course though this is Google. They have a bit different of a way of looking at things. This in the future will be Google’s best weapon when it comes to not falling behind. Things like Gmail and Google news have helped Google move a bit out of the search business but the question is can Google make something like Android or a Google OS work and actually be able to expand its markets unlike Microsoft who has only managed to get into one new area in the recent years (Games with the Xbox360 which took a lot of money which they may never regain).  In the end I think the future for Google looks good and from the sounds of it Dvorak thinks so too.



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